Environmental Responsibility

As an owner of a large number of properties throughout the United States it is important to National Retail Properties to be a good corporate citizen and a good steward of the environment and environmental resources. We demonstrate our commitment to good stewardship of the environment in a variety of ways both at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida and at our properties across the country, including all of the following:

Corporate Headquarters

  • We promote energy efficiency by the mandatory shut down of all lighting, HVAC and computer systems every day.
  • We have an active and effective recycling program with all employees participating in the recycling of all waste paper products, glass, metal, and electronic wastes, including ink cartridges, cell phones and office equipment. Furthermore, we encourage our associates to avoid the unnecessary use of paper and other environmental resources.
  • We actively engage with our landlord to assist in the implementation of new sustainability and conservation initiatives throughout our building.
  • Employees are encouraged to carpool and to ride mass transit to and from the workplace. Additionally, we allow associates to pay for such transportation costs with pre-tax earnings.

Our Properties

  • Our properties are generally leased to our tenants under long term triple net leases which gives our tenants the control over our properties and the ability to institute energy conservation and environmental management programs. Our tenants are overwhelmingly large companies with sophisticated conservation and sustainability programs. These programs limit the use of resources and limit the impact of our properties on the environment, including but not limited to implementing green building and lighting standards, and recycling programs.
  • When lease renewals arise or we enter into new leases with tenants we are actively committed to engaging with tenants to become partners on how best to conserve energy at all of our properties and meet green building and usage standards in accordance with best practices.